After having a chance to sleep on it, we’re feeling exceptionally lucky that on a random Wednesday in October, in a small town in Mpumalanga province, we could share a cultural food experience like the one you see in the photos below around the Hanya House dining table 🇰🇷

That moment when the table was set (with chopsticks at the ready) and all of Ella Lee’s delicious home-made Korean cooking came out: The bulgogi (“fire meat”), the kimchi, the ssamjang (chilli soya bean paste), pickled leek salad, cucumber kimchi, the plum sauces, the traditionally made rice… the list goes on 🤩

And before anyone asks if Ella made black rice… she didn’t make black rice, she “built” it 🥢

Congratulations to Kim Drake for winning the quiz. One of the questions is below. Do you know the answer without Googling? 😉

In Korean, a popular way of greeting someone, related to food, would be to ask them: “Have you [what]?”