We continue to explore (and bask in) ‘creativity as medicine’ and you’ll notice that as you rise up the staircase at Hanya House we are rotating the works on the first floor. One of our most recent artworks on loan is another piece by local artist, Kerri Dunshea (left in the photo above with Claire Takahashi & Erin Slingerland), titled “Out of the Ashes.”

Here is a note from the artist:

She holds her sacral chakra to honour what is sacred in herself. There is truth here and so much vulnerability (and strength) as she arches back. The posture allows the heart to open and to “sense” through one’s truth.

As she arches back we are reminded that arches mark access to holy places and – as we pass through them – we are offered a tradition of leaving something behind as we move into a new space.

The charcoal is such a beautiful medium to work with as – for me – it symbolises the wisdom that is held in the trees’ ancient knowledge.

The charcoal is burnt embers.

It is ashes.

It is fire.

There is transformation here, from ashes to beauty.

The feather in the hair is a reminder of your wild self and in this piece, it represents the medicine of the nightjar: Magical, unseen and intuitive.

Out of the Ashes is available for purchase. Click here to email us.