One of our greatest privileges at Hanya House (one that we never take for granted) is being able to share specific pieces by South African artists. We are guilty as charged of looking at art from a healing perspective and we’re always deeply curious about the artist’s internal creative experience as well as the spectrum of experiences evoked in the viewer. Our current collection, curated by the talented and thoughtful Dana MacFarlane of the White River Gallery is an homage to the healing power of art (more about Dana and this collection coming soon).

That said, we’re excited to say that we’ll be rotating the artwork at the top of the Hanya House staircase regularly. We love the experience of floating up the staircase and being surprised by what’s at the top. We equally love how – as we rise – the experience of what’s at the top shifts and changes and evolves.

A new piece rising up the stairs with artist, Kerri Dunshea

At the moment we are lucky enough to have a piece by local artist, Kerri Dunshea, at the top of the Hanya House staircase. It’s called “Surrendering to the unknown” and we asked Kerri to tell us a little bit about it:

The painting is an oil on handmade canvas mount. It’s called “surrendering to the unknown” and for me, it symbolises the unraveling of self and the stories, allowing it all to be surrendered to the earth. In turn there is a sense of freedom and liberation. The spheres represent the circles of all life and the voids within. They are the medicine wheels that move within us when we give ourselves an opportunity to surrender it all. The eagle is a crowned eagle and holds such a beautiful frequency of strength and courage especially in our area. There are also light codes down the right hand side which hold channeled activations.

Kerri Dunshea

One of our favourite video clips of the year so far is of Kerry working on this piece with a Bruce Springsteen cover playing in the background. Click here to watch and smile!

Kerri’s piece has already sold and will be with us until the end of July 2024. To commission a piece by Kerri or to reach out, contact her her through her Instagram page. You can also email: