by Ryan James
July 4, 2024

As we rise: “Out of the Ashes” by Kerri Dunshea

We continue to explore (and bask in) 'creativity as medicine' and you'll notice that as you rise up the staircase at Hanya House we are rotating the works on the first floor. One of our most recent artworks…

by Claire Takahasi
July 3, 2024

What will you reconnect with and remember when you pause to play with the Earth?

As I wander the world creatively unlearning, more and more I have come to believe in my bones, that playing with the Earth is a part of our inborn, natural state of learning, growing, and being as humxn…

by Jenny Pott
June 29, 2024

Why I love working with kids with ADHD and why they love my co-therapist: The music

As a certified Music Therapist, one of the real joys I've found this year is working with children with varying degrees of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Music becomes the motivation and suddenly being noisy and wriggly and…

by Ryan James
June 22, 2024

As we rise: “Surrendering to the unknown” by Kerri Dunshea

One of our greatest privileges at Hanya House (one that we never take for granted) is being able to share specific pieces by South African artists. We are guilty as charged of looking at art from a healing…