by Erin Slingerland
April 26, 2024

How a Functional Medicine Doctor recommends we supplement to stay on top of life (and our bank balance)

Dr. Rav James is known as the “sugar eliminator” to her many patients seeking to reverse disease and optimise their healthspan. The founder of one of the Lowveld’s first Functional Medicine practices and co-founder of Hanya House Wellness…

by Dr. Rav James
February 18, 2024

Let’s Play the “What’s Controversial in Health?” Game

Apparently heating ready-made meals in plastic containers in microwaves generally isn’t seen as controversial. Margarine and seed oils aren’t seen as controversial. Taking pharmaceutical drugs for life (in cases where there are other ways) isn’t seen as controversial.…

by Ryan James
October 22, 2023

Photos: An Evening of Korean Cooking with Ella Lee Murray

After having a chance to sleep on it, we’re feeling exceptionally lucky that on a random Wednesday in October, in a small town in Mpumalanga province, we could share a cultural food experience like the one you see…