by Erin Slingerland
April 12, 2024

Our recent Women’s Health Talk: 3 Insights I want to share with every woman

Womanhood used to feel oddly scary and isolating. I grew up feeling (and still sometimes feel) so shameful about natural bodily processes. I believed periods must be gross since they couldn’t be spoken about in public. Many women…

by Ryan James
March 20, 2024

Community Voices: Melissa Appel (Joubert) Discusses Salty Chips, Blind-Dates, Onions, & Stairways to Heaven

Most people will know of Body Stress Release (BSR) practitioner, Melissa Appel (Joubert). But how many of you know that she sings “Stairway to Heaven”? It’s a fitting song for her because she believes in – among other…

by Dr. Rav James
February 18, 2024

Let’s Play the “What’s Controversial in Health?” Game

Apparently heating ready-made meals in plastic containers in microwaves generally isn’t seen as controversial. Margarine and seed oils aren’t seen as controversial. Taking pharmaceutical drugs for life (in cases where there are other ways) isn’t seen as controversial.…

by Cathy Flores
February 15, 2024

Understanding Speech Sound Disorders

A speech sound disorder is one of the most common paediatric communication disorders and forms a large part of a Speech Therapist’s caseload. It refers to any difficulty or combination of difficulties with the perception, motor production or…

by Denise Sohandev
October 19, 2023

What the Camino de Santiago Taught Me

I have to confess, I did something really stupid. You see a couple of weeks ago I set out to prove to myself that I wasn’t who I thought I was and I met up with a friend…

by Ryan James
August 13, 2023

Celebrating One Year of F.I.T.T. Form Strength & Core Training for Women with Bettina Klesse

Personal Trainer at Hanya House, Bettina (Tina) Klesse recently marked one year of her F.I.T.T. Form Strength and Core classes for women. In celebration of this milestone, we asked Tina 12 questions: When did you give your first…

by Denise Sohandev
June 9, 2022

Where Do I Start When I Keep Letting Myself Down?

It’s Monday and I’m definitely not having chocolate again. This time I mean it. No chocolate, ever, I’m done, for good this time. Half an hour later you’re in your car heading to the nearest filling station to…

by Ryan James
June 6, 2022

Q&A With a Patient: Depression & Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Stacy (not her real name) is a Hanya House patient who - in 2020 - sought out Keta-Therapy as a complementary treatment as she weaned off of her anti-depressants. Stacy had been prescribed anti-depressants by a psychotherapist (and…

by Denise Sohandev
April 29, 2022

Why All The Talk About The Inner Child And How Can I Talk To Mine?

“This article isn’t for me, my inner child is just fine, I had a great childhood, no need to go scratching in the hornets nest, thank you very much.” The inner child can sound like a lot of…

by Ryan James
April 14, 2022

Why Naming Your Lizard (And Its Tunes) Could Change Your Life

So far this year, what has been your loudest and most troubling lizard tune or tunes? If the answer came to you straight away, that’s great – you might already be using self-awareness tools regularly. If your answer…

by Dr. Rav James
December 15, 2021

Bush Braaiing Done Right

A braai (barbecue) can be extremely bad for your health. Or it can be medicine. You choose. December in South Africa is certainly NOT a picture of health: High quantities of meat, including boerewors, which is a processed…

by Denise Sohandev
November 16, 2021

3 Exercises to Tackle Anxiety Now

Beat anxiety - in the moment. Multiple recent studies have shown that – in the last two years globally – the number of people suffering from anxiety disorders has increased significantly. No surprises there. Anxiety is complex, and…