by Verena Wagner
May 22, 2024

I’ve been a Rebound (Trampoline) Fitness Instructor for almost two years and here’s why I love it

I’m biased but I believe everyone should Rebound (read point number one below immediately!). I don’t think that’s all you should do; lifting heavy weights is so important for longevity and I attend Kingsley CrossFit for that reason.…

by Dr Allison Blair
May 9, 2024

5 Changes an aesthetics doctor wants you to make to your skincare routine this winter in the Lowveld

We don’t really have much of a winter season in the Lowveld. Yet despite this, we still suffer the effects of the season on our skins. By understanding the changes and making a few small tweaks to your…

by Kelly van Rooyen
April 28, 2024

5 Steps to repair our connection to our children (and ourselves) when we’ve “reacted” in a way that we aren’t proud of

Last week I did a talk on anxiety in children, and how we can show up to support them as parents.  It ended up being a wonderful (almost) two hours of vulnerable conversations with some incredible parents at Hanya House in…

by Kelly van Rooyen
April 12, 2024

Attuning to our children’s lived experiences and supporting them (and us) through anxiety

I’m sure all of us know what it feels like to experience anxiety, and how we respond to it in our own lives.  We may even know what we need to do to manage it, when we can.…

by Ryan James
April 11, 2024

Hanya House – A collaboration 20 years in the making that celebrates the art of living

A stroll passed an old building on a golf course I’ve always had a fear of hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s rooms. Strangely enough, so has Rav but our fears were slightly different. While I feared the smell, the…

by Claire Takahasi
April 10, 2024

Several years ago, in the midst of a deep depression and insomnia season, all I could do was paint

“Once upon a time,  the darkness fell and there in the nothing everything was born.” Claire Takahashi —--- Several years ago, in the midst of a deep depression and insomnia season, all I could do was paint.  The world felt…

by Dr Allison Blair
October 19, 2023

Journey? What journey?

Ryan asked me last week if I could find space to contribute to this week’s newsletter, with “Journey” being the central theme. Initially, the above question came to mind – “what journey?” Pondering that led me into quite…

by Erin Slingerland
October 12, 2023

Secrets of the Korean Kitchen (by a non-Korean Vegan Foodie)

Food in Korea is a whole love language. Imagine seeing a friend or family member after any amount of time — you might greet them with “have you been well?”, “How are things going?” “How are you?” In South Korea…

by Dr. Rav James
October 12, 2023

“I’m-An-Adult-Who-Got-On-With-It” Induced Anxiety

It’s no secret that I have suffered from some serious periods of extended anxiety in my adult life. I sometimes think about that time I was a 5th year med student on a 36-hour shift in Khayelitsha (you…

by Ryan James
June 30, 2023

Food is Medicine Season 3 | Episode 1: Mushrooms

Functional Medicine doctor at Hanya House, Dr. Rav James, is back in The Remedy Bar talking about the huge medicinal potential of mushrooms, specifically immune system modulation and the compounds that help us to resist or adapt to…

by Ryan James
June 1, 2023

Winter Skincare: Why Micro-Needling is a Good Option NOW, and My Winter Skincare Routine

By Cindy Brooks - My clients often ask me what the best time of the year is for skin treatments and I would have to say that winter is great because of the reduced UV levels. You’re also…

by Ryan James
June 1, 2023

Community Voices: BeJay Watson on Gratitude, Vibration, Becoming the Witness, and Renaming the Book in her Seventh Decade

BeJay Watson. One minute she’s having a coffee at Yoons in White River, then you’ll see her “pretzeled up for Christmas” (in her words) at her Iyengar class in Nelspruit, five minutes later she’s hosting the most exquisite…