What is it?

A comprehensive 3-month doctor-designed program focused on fundamentally changing the way that you approach sustainable weight management and metabolic health, starting with hormones, not calories.

Next Start Dates:

Online: 18 September, 2023

*This is not a group program. However, there are specific intake dates throughout the year.

How does a Medical Weight Management Program work?

Getting to the root of the weight management challenge

In this comprehensive 3-month program, you are guided on a step-by-step root-cause approach to “stubborn weight.”

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that weight management is about calories. It’s way more complicated! It’s about sugar, hormones (especially insulin), fasting, the brain’s set weight, and it’s about our connection to the body and how we eat.

Using a combination of the ANCIENT (think: targeted nutrition and intermittent fasting) and the NEW (think: glucose monitors and medicines that assist insulin resistance at the cellular level), our functional medicine specialist at Hanya House, Dr. Rav James, walks a safe and sustainable 3-month journey with you as you begin to reset your body’s hormones.

This program is about empowering you to understand the biology of insulin resistance and weight so that you can feel healthier and see results NOW and maintain those results into the future.

But the happy by-product of improved glucose control and insulin sensitivity is ENHANCED metabolic health. And as your metabolic health improves, your risk for chronic disease decreases and your longevity genes are switched on. Even better, we find more joy!

Reasons to love it

Reason 1: This program is for everyone

You may be overweight OR you may have “stubborn fat” located in specific parts of your body OR you may even be “skinny fat” (that’s people who look slim on the outside, but are carrying weight on the inside). The bad news is that most adults are metabolically unhealthy, which is one of the reasons why they carry excess weight. The good news is that you don’t have to try another fad diet or “magic” medication that only gets temporary results. Why? Because more and more research is shedding light on how we can uniquely blend a number of approaches to get to the root of the metabolic problem.

Reason 2: This program is as much about anti-ageing and longevity as it is about weight management

You will hear Functional Medicine experts across the world singing from the same hymn-sheet: “Probably the biggest contributor to disease in the world right now is uncontrolled sugar and insulin resistance.” By addressing the insulin problem, you are almost certainly giving yourself the gift of a longer, healthier life.

Reason 3: With the glucose monitor, you receive instant feedback and data on what foods are spiking your glucose (and therefore also your insulin)

Think of this as a window into the invisible workings of your body. As an example, Dr. Rav found that cheese spiked her glucose, a finding that surprised her. But once she knew, she could make changes that immediately made her feel better.

Reason 4: It’s doctor-designed and monitored

Weight management programs can be damaging to health and, in many cases, dangerous. During this three-month process you have Dr. Rav’s support and guidance as you safely and sustainably work to reset your hormones and your body’s set weight.

Reason 5: You’ll LEARN a lot

You’ll acquire knowledge, tools, and insights you can tap into to sustain your results for the long term, from safe and healthy methods of fasting to understanding the power of the joyful, clean eating and how to personalise it for you and your family.

Above: Dr. Rav James applying a glucose monitor at Hanya House in White River.

What do you get?

Your purchase of Dr. Rav’s 3-Month Functional Medicine Weight Management Program includes:

6 x One-on-one consultations with Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Rav James

2 x Blood panel analyses*

2 x 14-Day wearable glucose monitors

Analysis of glucose monitor data

Nutrition guidelines, based on insulin sensitivity

Intermittent fasting guidelines and support

1 x Food is Medicine Masterclass

1 x Root Cause Masterclass

1 x Cooking demonstration (pre-recorded)

Prescription and monitored use of the medication, Metformin, to assist insulin resistance in your body’s cells**

* Blood panel tests for this program are not included in the price. Most medical aids cover the blood panel tests required for this program, but if yours does not, we can discuss focusing the panels that we use for your program.

** While the use of Metformin is recommended on this program, Dr. Rav will still need to screen you before prescribing it. The cost of the Metformin is not included in the price.

How much does the program cost?

Payment Option 1: Up-front deposit of R2795-00, followed by four monthly payments of R2,510-00
Payment Option 2: Three monthly payments of R4,280-00 each, or
Payment Option 3: Once-off payment of R11550 (this includes a 10% discount)

Please note:

1. Prices are excluding VAT
2. Unfortunately we are not able to deal directly with medical aid schemes for this program, but a portion of your consultation fees, your blood panel tests, and any prescribed medication may be covered
3. The rates above are for citizens of SADEC countries. Non-SADEC rates are as follows (excluding the glucose monitor which can be purchased in country of residence):

$ 950 | € 900 | £ 770

“When I started the program I felt bloated, tired, and I wasn’t sleeping very well at night. Two weeks after I had started, all the physical challenges I was facing stopped completely. I now feel energetic, I sleep all night, and I am never boated.
I feel light and everyone comments on how much weight I have lost and how good I look. My kids have commented a lot about my tummy that used to be much bigger. Everyday I wear something that was tight or didn’t fit anymore and to my surprise those items fit better or fit me now.” 

– Musa, Weight Management Program Participant

What can you add on?

  1. DNA Diet: There is no one diet or way of eating that is correct for everyone. DNA Diet is a specialized genetic test that will help you understand how your genetic profile can impact your response to different eating plans and which type of diet is best for you. Cost: R2500.
  2. Natural supplements: Depending on your blood panel results and pre-questionnaire, Dr. Rav may recommend natural supplements to complement the program. These could be for anything from from optimizing your sleep, to calming your nervous system. Cost: Product dependant
  3. Life Coaching: If there is an emotional component to your eating habits, you might explore the option of Life Coaching with one of our internationally qualified coaches as an adjunct to the weight management program. Cost: From R950.

Who is Dr Rav James?

Above: A Food is Medicine demonstration and lunch led by Dr. Rav James

Dr. Rav James is one of a handful of medical doctors in South Africa with an Advanced Fellowship in Nutritional, Metabolic and Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As a Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Rav is interested in “root causes” and whole body healing and her most recent research focuses on food as medicine, insulin resistance, time-restricted fasting, metabolic health, integrative oncology, and holistic approaches to mental health.


To reserve your spot or if you have questions, click here to email our team and they’ll reply with everything you need to know.

For South Africans living far away from Hanya House, ask us about doing this program online.

Video: Dr. Rav talks about how weight and shame have shown up in her life

Dr. Rav, Circa 2004

“Health is a journey. That 19-year-old may have been 25kgs heavier than I am now, but when I think about it, she didn’t choose weight loss, she chose life. And over many moons, small consistent changes have led me to a place where me and my body are working together in joy. I’m loving it, and it’s loving me. We’re moving together.”

– Dr. Rav James