9 Experiences
from R800

Functional Medicine & Health Coaching

Meet with Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Rav James, to get to the root cause of your health challenge and develop a customised healing plan.

9 Experiences
from R350

Bodywork & Massage

Our therapist trained at a Conde Naste Traveler award-winning property and works together with Dr. Rav to select personalised treatments and essential oils that support healing, detoxification, and stress-relief.

4 Experiences
from R950

Life Coaching & Personal Development

Our Life Coaches are committed to clients as they work with life changes, past traumatic experiences, anxiety, and taking steady steps towards freedom.

2 Experiences
from R3200


For chronic depression and anxiety, transpersonal Keta-Therapy sessions help patients to lay down new neural pathways.

3 Experiences
from R900

Vibrational Sound Healing

Our associate gong master and sound healer incorporates the gong, singing bowls, the monochord and tuning fork to help patients access their own intuitive frequency.

3 Experiences
from R900

Movement, Breathwork, & Meditation

Work with our experienced team to rebalance and retune your body, beginning with the original medicines of breath, stillness and gentle yoga.

3 Experiences
from R2250

Advanced Genetic Testing

Work with our team to accurately transition genetic results into realistic health solutions.