Bodywork & Massage

Our bodywork and massage therapist, Candice Buys, mastered her craft at one of the world’s leading safari lodges and is often referred to as an intuitive body healer. At Hanya House, Candice has worked carefully with Dr. Rav to create a selection of offerings that complement a functional, multi-system healing approach.

30 mins

Re-Earthing Foot Massage

A therapeutic foot treatment that focuses on relieving tension on the extremities and bringing the body into balance.

30 mins

Resting Place Head Ritual

This ritual is the quintessential stress relief remedy and is perfectly coupled with an IV Vitamin Therapy.

30 mins

The Great Pyramid Massage

Focusing on the upper pyramid of the back, neck and shoulders, this massage is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, relieving muscle tension, and easing headaches and migraines. Especially for desk-workers, our therapist eases tightness out of the shoulders and relieves strain caused by over-stimulation and excessive screen-time.

60 mins | 90 mins
R600 | R900

Hanya Signature Full Body Activation

A traditional full-body massage using light-to-medium pressure to allow for deep relaxation and easing of muscle tension.

90 mins

Organic Body Activation & Exfoliation Treatment

The Africology Exfoliation followed by the Signature Full Body Activation is both invigorating and extremely relaxing.

60 mins | 90 mins
R800 | R1200

Functional Deep-Tissue Massage

An ideal massage for those who prefer firmer pressure and require focus on particular areas of the body to release tight muscles and improve flexibility.

60 mins | 90 mins
R650 | R975

Rivers of Gold Lymph Drainage & Dry Brushing Ritual

An effective combination of lymph drainage massage and dry brushing to increase lymph circulation, expedite the removal of biochemical wastes from body tissues, and enhance body fluid dynamics facilitating edema reduction.

45 mins


Reflex areas in the feet can correspond to organs, glands and other parts of the body. Thoughtful touch of these reflex areas is shown to be healing in different ways for different people, from alleviating depression to improving blood flow.

60 mins


Our therapist works together with Dr. Rav to hand-select a blend of oils to complement the healing journey of each of Hanya’s clients. From geranium to lemon-grass our generous selection of oils are organic, wildly-crafted and sustainably-sourced in South Africa.