Life Coaching & Personal Development

Apprenticed under the guidance of world-renowned spirit warriors like Martha Beck, Boyd Varty and Gabor Mate, our Life Coaches and Guides help you get closer to your mind and spirit, and therefore also your body.

60 mins

Life Coaching Single Session

Our Life Coaching sessions allow you to explore limiting thoughts or challenging situations with a Life Coach whose approach is to allow you to use your own body and experiences to access different perspectives.

(6 x 120 min sessions)

Bodywork & Life Coaching Blend

A six-week holistic personal development journey in which each session begins with a customised massage therapy and is followed with a life coaching session that focuses on relaxing into your own body’s wisdom.


Life Coaching Journey

A six-week personal development journey with a Hanya House Life Coach to identify limiting and painful beliefs, and build a framework for a life that feels more alive.

1 Day
R4850 per person

Hanya Reset: Yoga, Breath-Work, Sound, Bodywork & Life Coaching Blend

In this one-day immersive retreat, the emphasis is on slowing down, detoxing from technology, and reconnecting to breath, body and spirit. The Hanya Reset includes massage, sound therapy, yoga therapy, breathwork and life coaching.