The results

A happier mind, body, and spirit, and a clearer understanding of how you have it in you to heal yourself.

The Hanya Method is guided by 6 principles:

1. Come Alive for the World

Hanya means “alive” and it is our intention to reconnect our guests to their own feeling of aliveness so that they may better serve themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.

2. Return to Living

Every person has the power to be the ultimate healer of their body, mind and spirit. Our method is designed to turn that power on.

3. Be guided gracefully

We accompany you on your healing experience, beginning even before you arrive. Under the guidance of Dr. Rav James, we can create a personalised experience based on your health history and healing goals.

4. Embrace proven healing technologies

Hanya House has curated a unique blended approach to healing that includes everything from the latest biohacking frequency technologies to the ancient arts of sound therapy, breath-work and meditation.

5. Redefine meaning

The pace of modern life leaves little room for reflection, intention and spiritual purpose. The Hanya House method is designed to “slow-flow” allowing you time to connect to, and redefine, what is important for a life that is as alive as possible.

6. Come home to our resting place

Hanya House is neither a wellness spa, nor a medical clinic. It is a resting place where you feel all the warmth of a home while at the same time having access to a functional medicine doctor, wellness practitioners, master healers and modern biohacking technologies.

The Hanya Method is built on 3 pillars

Functional Medicine

Dr. Rav’s Functional Medicine approach uses advanced medical analyses to help you understand your body better than ever before.

Ancient Healing

A unique healing team draws on the deep experience of the award-winning Londolozi Healing House to support your body as it heals.

Personal Development

As you step into whole-body healing, our Life Coaches and Guides support the opportunity to move forward with clarity and intention.