I’m biased but I believe everyone should Rebound (read point number one below immediately!).

I don’t think that’s all you should do; lifting heavy weights is so important for longevity and I attend Kingsley CrossFit for that reason.

But I have come to absolutely love the combination of CrossFit and Rebounding and I see first-hand the unique benefits of using a trampoline for exercise. Before I get to five reasons why I love Rebounding, there are two things I want to say:

(1) Men of White River (except for Ryan 😉), you don’t know what you’re missing for your immune system, your muscles, and your fitness; and

(2) Ladies who think that their pelvic floor or bladder can’t handle Rebounding should absolutely see Pelvic Physio, Petro Zietsman, to get that sorted.

Okay, here are my top five reasons for loving Rebound Fitness:

Reason One: 24,000 Opportunities to Detox

It isn’t uncommon for attendees to have a mild headache after their first Rebound class. I always think of this as a good sign because it means the lymphatic system, which flushes toxins form the body, is working. It’s believed that an increase in G-force every time we land on the trampoline causes a surge of lymphatic drainage, improving circulation and detoxifying the system. This, in turn, provides a greater white blood cell activity and helps the immune system overall. I haven’t counted how many “bounces” there are in a 50-minute class, but I would estimate around two to three thousand. And if you’re rebounding twice a week every month that’s 24,000 opportunities to activate the lymph. No wonder people feel better!

Reason Two: If you have a Fitness watch, keep an eye on your VO2 Max, PLUS I share a link to a table for you to compete against

A number of people have seen an improvement in their VO2 Max stats after taking up Rebounding. Garmin gives a great definition:

“VO2 max is the number that describes your cardiorespiratory fitness. It’s a single number that captures your heart, lungs, circulatory system, and muscle cells all working independently and together. And not surprisingly, your VO2 max is connected to health, performance and longevity. Ask a physiologist about VO2 max and they will explain that it is the maximum volume of oxygen your body can import, transport and utilize in a single minute during intense physical activity.” 

Studies have shown that when tested, the work required to perform trampoline exercise at equivalent levels of effort was significantly greater while on the trampoline than while running. It is thought that Rebounding can increase oxygen uptake because more oxygen can reach the cells due to the gravity changes that occur when bouncing.

To see typical VO2 Max fitness scores by age group for men and women, click here.

One of our class participants shared their heart rate zone chart after a recent 50 minute class.

Reason Three: I guarantee you’ll significantly strengthen your core and your balance, here’s why:

You’ll notice as the music revs up in a Rebound class that we start to change positions on the Rebounder much faster. To change positions we are required to quickly engage our core muscles so that we have control and balance. So even though we’re not always doing sit-ups, with 90% of movements we are continually asking the core to work hard and quick for us. And as we get faster and do things like bounce on one leg, we dramatically improve our balance and make use of all the little muscles that don’t always get action.

Reason Four: Yes, we use weights on the Rebounder

For longevity we all know the importance of strength training. Now I don’t ever know the exact stat, but many articles state that any resistance training on the Rebounder is three to five times more effective than doing the same exercise without the bouncing. You’ll feel it. We’ll use the dumbbells for just six minutes and the next day you’ll feel like you’ve done a full arm workout. As well as dumbbells we use straps and bands and sometimes we use straps and dumbbells at the same time (see piece above about balance).

One of the best things about Rebound Fitness is that we do it outside! Have a look at this video.

Reason Five: It’s SO MUCH easier on the joints

Rebounding has way less impact on the joints, soft tissue, and skeleton. The trampoline absorbs much of the impact. How great is that! So for a regular high aerobic exercise, we’re being so much gentler on the ankles, knees, hips and back.

Verena Wagner is a certified Lisa Raleigh Rebound Fitness Instructor. Her class times at Hanya House are: Monday and Wednesday, 7h30 – 8h15; and Tuesday and Thursday, 16h30 – 17h15. To contact Verena: 083 593 8184.