There are so-called ‘drip bars’ being set-up around the world. Often, these are places where you can pop in, select a treatment off a menu, and get started without much consultation or the presence of a doctor. Our own approach includes a comprehensive pre-questionnaire via email before you arrive*. Once you arrive, we do a pre-treatment check before we start. And of course, once IV therapy has started, you have the full-attention of our Functional Medicine doctor for the approximately one-hour that is required. During that time, you can choose to be quiet or you can talk about your health journey and aspirations. *Pre-IV therapy blood tests may be required.

When a person receives an IV vitamin therapy, they’re receiving a liquid mixture of vitamins and minerals through a small tube inserted into a vein.

Compared to oral supplementation, with IV vitamin therapy the absorption rate is much higher, leading to greater uptake into cells.

Safety is key. A medical professional is always on site, continually monitoring the patient during the treatment.