Guests begin with stillness: A signature Hanya massage and vibrational sound therapy, allowing for an immediate shift into the parasympathetic nervous system. After a plant-based lunch our guests explore ancient one-on-one yoga therapy and breathwork practices as a way to start activating the mind-body connection, before ending the day with a Life Coaching session that encourages each guest to design an intentional 30-day daily practice that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.

More and more, the world’s leading Functional Medicine doctors are cautioning about the impact of stress on lifespan and healthspan. A holistic healing self-care routine should include stillness practices, such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

People often don’t know where to start when it comes to stillness. Let our team of experts guide you into a practice that you can sustain.

The original medicines, such as breathwork, sound, and movement are free. Learn how to start incorporating them into your life.