In this comprehensive 3-month program, you are guided on a step-by-step root-cause approach to “stubborn weight.”

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that weight management is about calories. It’s way more complicated! It’s about sugar, hormones (especially insulin), fasting, the brain’s set weight, and it's about our connection to the body and how we eat.

Using a combination of the ANCIENT (think: targeted nutrition and intermittent fasting) and the NEW (think: glucose monitors and medicines that assist insulin resistance at the cellular level), our functional medicine specialist at Hanya House, Dr. Rav James, walks a safe and sustainable 3-month journey with you as you begin to reset your body’s hormones.

This program is about empowering you to understand the biology of insulin resistance and weight so that you can feel healthier and see results NOW and maintain those results into the future.

But the happy by-product of improved glucose control and insulin sensitivity is ENHANCED metabolic health. And as your metabolic health improves, your risk for chronic disease decreases and your longevity genes are switched on. Even better, we find more joy.

What do you get:

Your purchase of Dr. Rav’s 3-Month Functional Medicine Weight Management Program includes:

6 x One-on-one consultations with Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Rav James

2 x Blood panel analyses*

2 x 14-Day wearable glucose monitors

Analysis of glucose monitor data

Nutrition guidelines, based on insulin sensitivity

Intermittent fasting guidelines and support

1 x Food is Medicine Masterclass

1 x Root Cause Masterclass

1 x Cooking demonstration (pre-recorded)

Prescription and monitored use of the medication, Metformin, to assist insulin resistance in your body’s cells**

* Blood panel tests for this program are not included in the price. Most medical aids cover the blood panel tests required for this program, but if yours does not, we can discuss focusing the panels that we use for your program.

** While the use of Metformin is recommended on this program, Dr. Rav will still need to screen you before prescribing it. The cost of the Metformin is not included in the price.

Determination of metabolic health and biological age (estimated), as well as other indicators obtained through various clinical analyses and diagnostic tests.

Co-create a food-led and movement-led health span strategy.

Personalized healthspan recommendations keep you on track.