This last month has been one of my best. Teaching and sharing about the healing power of food always gets me revved up.

And as I have come together with people around food – in my Consultation Room, at Food Demos, at Cooking Master-Classes, and at Harvest Tables – I could feel the realisation deepening for so many.

Here are six of those realisations that are dropping fast:

  • The food industry does not have my best interests at heart and I’m probably addicted to sugar and simple carbohydrates
  • I often reward myself and my family with foods and drinks that are unhealthy
  • Food has been a chore, and I haven’t given it the time it deserves
  • I haven’t been taught to use food as medicine…
  • … and therefore, I haven’t valued food as much as other things that I spend my money on
  • What I thought wasn’t so bad (small, frequent “treats”) – over time – is eventually the cause of major metabolic diseases
Not sure how metabolic health and food are related? Have a look at the video above.

It’s hard for people to get to these aha moments because the culture has preached about a food pyramid that was incorrect (thank goodness people are waking up to this).

And then after us mere mortals have formed poor, long-term, and addictive habits based on an incorrect food pyramid, the culture has also normalised the sentiment that “it’s easy don’t you know… illness can be solved with pills.”

All the while we continue to get bombarded with advertising that promotes fake foods, often full of sugar, chemicals, or both.

The cultural message is:

Fix the symptom and continue as normal

Whereas what we should be saying is:

Get to the root cause and then change course.

As you know, the Functional Medicine approach is focused on getting to the root cause, but to change course… to truly change course, you’ll need to have a picture (that you understand) of your current metabolic health, you’ll need a “small steps” plan, you’ll need patience, you’ll need a way to measure your progress, and you’ll need to change how you think about food (and other things, but food usually comes first).

Do this, and lasting change will begin.

Stay good,
Dr. Rav

P.S. A BIG thank you to my friend Unice-Ann, Founder of Yoons Eatery in White River. Thank you for sharing a passion for #FoodisMedicine with me. Another deep belief of ours is that #CommunityisMedicine, and Unice-Ann embodies that statement so beautifully. Also, I’m a little biased, but I think we had the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER (see below).

P.P.S. If you would like us to keep you informed about upcoming Food is Medicine events with me, it’s super simple: Leave a comment below, and we’ll add you to this list.

Photos from our Food is Medicine Master-Class at Yoons Eatery:

Photos from our Harvest Table, also at Yoons:

Photos from Food is Medicine Demos & Collaborations: