One of my biggest take-aways from three years training to be a Master Life Coach has been to get really curious about “the darkness”.

Which is why the Majak Bredell painting that I talk about in the video below means so much to me. There is such a huge amount of wisdom contained in a single piece of art that it kind’ve punches me in the gut every time I walk past it.

Reaching Down, by Majak Bredell

But before I get to the video and the painting, I wanted to share that when I am working with a person in a life coaching role, one of the most common responses to longer bouts of darkness (depression, anxiety, confusion) is:

“How do I make this feeling go away as fast as possible?”

The short answer is “You can’t.”

But… Majak’s work, Reaching Down, which you’ll find in the Living Room at Hanya House, has a different kind of answer. One that I think has enormous value. To explain what I mean by this, I wanted to speak to camera.

If you are ready to get curious, Hanya House has a network of trusted health professionals (from psychiatrists, doctors and psychologists to life coaches, yoga therapists and kinesiologists) who can help you as you journey through different stages of life. As a group of health professionals, our strength is in both our years of experience and our willingness to collaborate across multiple disciplines, supporting the whole system of an individual.

Times of darkness will come and go. I believe that each time it comes we can grow our curiosity that little bit more.

Ryan 🦩

PS – Thank you, Majak. The more I look at Reaching Down, the more I realise what a masterpiece it is. And thank you to the very special person who made Hanya House the home of this artwork. It is enjoyed every day by so many.

We have worked (read: “played”) with the incredibly dynamic Dana MacFarlane and the White River Gallery to intentionally select and place pieces of art at Hanya House that inspire us to reflect on the journey of healing. This piece is one of many currently at Hanya House, curated by Dana, the gallery and our community. Majak’s exhibition, LEVELS & LAYERS, is at the White River Gallery until 2 June, 2024.

Ryan and Majak with Dana & Cassandra from White River Gallery
Last word: A special friend reminded me that you can reach down through the dark layers to find the gold… or even a rainbow. And sometimes, as Majak say, you might only find the sh!t but there is wisdom there too 😉