How do we value food?

Functional Medicine specialist at Hanya House, Dr. Rav James, often hears people saying: 

“But to eat healthy is expensive.” 

Alcohol is also expensive. Fashion is expensive. Ready made meals and fast-food. Cosmetics. Fancy cars. The list goes on.

The thing is, those other things that we’re spending money on aren’t medicine, whereas good quality, unprocessed foods can be the very best kind of medicine… improving health and vitality, and preventing disease.

And because we’ve learnt to want more of the other things, we compromise on food, making choices that are not only NOT MEDICINE, but are often on the opposite end of the spectrum: TOXIN.

If we want more healthy oils on our table, or more organic (and colourful) fruits and vegetables, or more nuts and seeds, we need to consider what value we are assigning to items on our monthly budget.

Maybe, just maybe, the way we value quality food has become distorted and/or the culture has taught us to value other things more. 

Will those “other things” extend the number of healthy years (healthspan) we have? Will they make us feel stronger and healthier? Will they give us more energy? Will they help us to sleep better? Will they improve our mood and creativity? 

For most people, food isn’t medicine, it’s just a chore. 

It’s changing though. Watch this space. #FoodIsMedicine