By Cindy Brooks

My clients often ask me what the best time of the year is for skin treatments and I would have to say that winter is great because of the reduced UV levels. You’re also less likely to sweat. And a weaker sun (because let’s face it, we have plenty of sunny days in the Lowveld) and less sweat is perfect for allowing post-treatment skin to really thrive.

So what would I recommend?

Both the Dermapen4 micro-needling and RégimA peeling treatments are a good option. Especially in the winter months, the facial skin can become dull and dry due to being inside more, indoor heating, and the cold weather outside. Micro-needling can really help to repair skin health. After micro-needling you can expect your skin to be bright and glowing due to the complete cell rejuvenation process. Trust me – you’ll notice the difference.

Is micro-needling good for dry skin?

Definitely! It rejuvenates the outer layer of skin, replacing dead and dry skin cells with even, new, and fresh skin cells for a smooth, glowing result. So if you’re noticing that your skin is a bit lacklustre as we move into the dry season, micro-needling is a good option.

So it’s not good to go in the sun after a treatment?

In the winter, with reduced UV levels, your skin is likely to recover faster and more effectively after micro-needling or peeling treatments, because it won’t be at risk of sun damage. It’s not that we don’t do these treatments in summer, we just need to be extra careful. That said, the weather can fluctuate in the Lowveld and we have plenty of sunny days in winter, so we need to be careful whatever the season. Peeling treatments remove the uppermost layers of your skin so it will become more sensitive to the sun, so avoiding sun exposure is crucial, not forever – but certainly while the skin is healing! 

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My winter skincare routine looks like…

In the summer I tend to keep my skincare routine relatively simple, using a lighter moisturiser with my sunscreen during the day and – at night – I use serums to treat my pigmentation and keep the wrinkles at bay. I like to treat my skin to a regular deep cleanse facial every month and as the seasons change I incorporate a micro-needling or peel treatment, depending on how my skin is feeling.

In the winter, I change over to a more nourishing day and night cream and I like to add a hydrating serum to boost the moisture levels in my skin. I do deeper peel treatments during the winter months and never skip adding sunscreen on top of my moisturiser.

My favourite product to use at the moment is the On Q Facial Quenching Oil from RegimA. I apply it to a cleansed face and neck and massage it in followed by Gua Sha lymph drainage and I do this three times per week for added benefits.

Cindy Brooks is a Somatologist and beauty therapist (find out more about her here). You can book your appointment at Hanya House by contacting Cindy direct: 083 356 1210