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Reset Your Metabolic Health Program

A 4-week online doctor-led and community-centric journey to manage your weight, reverse disease processes, optimise energy levels, sleep better, and live with more vitality simply by understanding your body’s glucose responses.

Next Start Date: 1 November 2022

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Dr. Rav's 3-Month Functional Medicine Weight Management Program

What is it? A comprehensive 3-month doctor-designed program focused on fundamentally changing the way that you approach sustainable weight management and metabolic health, starting with hormones, not calories.

Next Start Date: 23 January 2023

Reset Your Metabolic Health
Hanya Experiences
9 Experiences
from R800

Functional Medicine & Health Coaching

Meet with Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Rav James, to get to the root cause of your health challenge and develop a customised healing plan.

9 Experiences
from R350

Bodywork & Massage

Our therapist trained at a Conde Naste Traveler award-winning property and works together with Dr. Rav to select personalised treatments and essential oils that support healing, detoxification, and stress-relief.

4 Experiences
from R950

Life Coaching & Personal Development

Our Life Coaches are committed to clients as they work with life changes, past traumatic experiences, anxiety, and taking steady steps towards freedom.

2 Experiences
from R3200

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

For chronic depression and anxiety, transpersonal Ketamine Assisted Therapy sessions help patients to lay down new neural pathways.

3 Experiences
from R900

Vibrational Sound Healing

Our associate gong master and sound healer incorporates the gong, singing bowls, the monochord and tuning fork to help patients access their own intuitive frequency.

3 Experiences
from R900

Movement, Breathwork, & Meditation

Work with our experienced team to rebalance and retune your body, beginning with the original medicines of breath, stillness and gentle yoga.

3 Experiences
from R2250

Advanced Genetic Testing

Work with our team to accurately transition genetic results into realistic health solutions.


The word Hanya guides all of our philosophies. It is inspired by the nearby Shangaan culture in South Africa’s north-eastern region as well as the Middle Eastern roots of Hanya’s co-founder, Dr. Rav James.

Hanya (Shangaan) alive or living
Hania (Hebrew) resting place
Hanya (Arabic) happiness
Ha-Nee-Ya (Native American Hopi) spirit warrior
Anya (Russian) grace

  • The Universal Hand is the universal hand of healing reminds us that each of us have the tools with in us to heal ourselves. It also holds the idea of guided healing using ancient arts or protection from harmful pattens, people or places.
  • The Trinity Flower symbolizes the coming together of old nature wisdom, modern medical science and an individual’s heart to form the sacred geometry that is the flower of life.
  • The Arch symbolizes inclusion and a safe space to heal.
Our Intention

“In a world where many people have lost sense of what it means to be alive in happiness, we have created a resting place; a significant moment in space and time where individuals can rediscover the intuitive healing properties of spirit and emerge anew, into a powerful meridian of meaning, grace and happiness.”

- Dr Rav James
by Dr. Rav James
Oct 14, 2022

Reset Your Metabolic Health

What is it? A 4-week online doctor-led and community-centric journey to manage your weight, reverse disease processes, optimise energy levels, sleep better, and live with more vitality simply by understanding your body’s glucose responses. Next Start Dates: 1…

by Ryan James
Jun 6, 2022

Ketamine Assisted Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD & Alcohol Use Disorder

Recently we've been receiving questions about Ketamine Assisted Therapy and its use for treatment resistant mood disorders, especially depression, debilitating anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and alcohol use disorder (AUD). We have used Ketamine Assisted Therapy at Hanya House…

by Dr. Rav James
Feb 16, 2022

Dr. Rav’s 3-Month Functional Medicine Weight Management Program

What is it? A comprehensive 3-month doctor-designed program focused on fundamentally changing the way that you approach sustainable weight management and metabolic health, starting with hormones, not calories. Next Start Dates: Online: 23 January, 2023 *This is not…

by Dr. Rav James
Jun 17, 2022

Food is Medicine Soups

I'm so excited to bring you this compilation of Food is Medicine soups that I cook in our house almost every month. Just a quick (and important) note before we start: I don't use stock in all my…

by Denise Sohandev
Jun 9, 2022

Where Do I Start When I Keep Letting Myself Down?

It’s Monday and I’m definitely not having chocolate again. This time I mean it. No chocolate, ever, I’m done, for good this time. Half an hour later you’re in your car heading to the nearest filling station to…

by Ryan James
Jun 6, 2022

Q&A With a Patient: Depression & Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Stacy (not her real name) is a Hanya House patient who - in 2020 - sought out Ketamine Assisted Therapy as a complementary treatment as she weaned off of her anti-depressants. Stacy had been prescribed anti-depressants by a…

by Ryan James
May 18, 2022

Simpler IV Therapy Options For Your Wellness Journey

As part of her Functional Medicine approach, Hanya House Medical Director, Dr. Rav James, incorporates intravenous (IV) vitamin therapies into the health plans of many patients. IV Therapy & Health Coaching in One Consultation Dr. Rav sees these…

by Denise Sohandev
Apr 29, 2022

Why All The Talk About The Inner Child And How Can I Talk To Mine?

“This article isn’t for me, my inner child is just fine, I had a great childhood, no need to go scratching in the hornets nest, thank you very much.” The inner child can sound like a lot of…

by Ryan James
Apr 14, 2022

Why Naming Your Lizard (And Its Tunes) Could Change Your Life

So far this year, what has been your loudest and most troubling lizard tune or tunes? If the answer came to you straight away, that’s great – you might already be using self-awareness tools regularly. If your answer…

by Ryan James
Apr 6, 2022

A Parenting Expert & Functional Medicine Doctor Team Up to Share Small Steps For a Healthier Family

Hand-in-Hand Parenting Expert, Kelly van Rooyen, and Functional Medicine Specialist, Dr. Rav James, recently teamed up in a series of four short videos to discuss the vital importance of nutrition, and food culture for healthy families. They discussed…

by Dr. Rav James
Mar 30, 2022

Dr. Rav James Inc. – Notification of Price Change Effective 1 May, 2022

Dr. Rav James Inc. has not increased medical consultation fees since opening doors in December 2018 (in our garage - see the photo above). In the meantime we have grown from a handful of patients, to a Functional…

by Dr. Rav James
Mar 14, 2022

Not Sure About Pooping in a Tube? Here’s How It Could Change The Way You Live

Question: Why poop in a tube? Answer: Because while chia seeds, cherries, and chickpeas might be one person’s superfood, they’ll be another’s poison. And sometimes, that poison can more dangerous than you might think, affecting not only how…

by Denise Sohandev
Mar 7, 2022

Is Yoga Therapy Part of Your Long-Term Healing Roadmap? Here’s Why it Should Be

You're probably getting used to hearing the phase "connection to body", especially from our team at Hanya House. From leading Functional Medicine experts like Dr. Mark Hyman, to spirit philosophers like Eckhardt Tolle, Gabor Mate, and Martha Beck,…

by Candice Buys
Mar 1, 2022

3 Essential Oils I (Almost) Always Choose for Clients Experiencing Stress & Burnout

Why do most people come to me for bodywork treatments? I would love it if the answer was "maintenance", in other words alleviating muscle tension, detoxifying, facilitating blood flow, clearing lactate, and finding stillness. The reality is that…

by Dr. Rav James
Feb 16, 2022

4 Life Changing Things I Learnt by Attaching a Glucose Monitor to My Arm

A while ago I attached a glucose monitor to my arm for 14 days. You’ll all know that a glucose monitor is a useful tool for diabetics, but can it be life-changing for non-diabetics too? With more and…

by Denise Sohandev
Feb 2, 2022

*This* Yoga Pose Pushed Me To My Emotional Limit

When I first started teaching yoga I invited a close relative to practice with me. She never came back. Years later when I asked her why, she told me: “It made me think too much." I interpreted that…

by Dr. Rav James
Jan 31, 2022

8 Blood Panels You Should Be Testing For Optimised Health & Early Detection

Vitamin D. Most doctors don’t test for this very important hormone (not actually a vitamin) even though we know it plays a really important role in immune health and bone health, to name just two. But let’s name…

by Denise Sohandev
Jan 23, 2022

I Rejected Kundalini Yoga in 2020. But We’ve Met Again and It’s Even Better Than Before

Denise Sohandev is a Life Coach, Breathwork Specialist and Yoga instructor at Hanya House. In 2020 her deep love of Kundalini yoga was shaken when the Kundalini community was hit by a major scandal. Here she explains how,…

by Denise Sohandev
Jan 21, 2022

Transformational Breathing Experience Coming Up – 28 July 2022

Why Join a Transformational Breathing Experience? Guided by Life Coaches, Denise Sohandev and Ryan James, our Transformational Breathing Experience explores a self development theme (see below) before moving into a conscious-connected breathing session. During this session we will…

by Dr. Rav James
Jan 13, 2022

As a Functional Medicine Doctor, I’m Focusing on These 10 Healthspan Categories in 2022

In 2022 we know more about how to extend healthspan (defined as the number of years we live free of chronic disease) than ever before. Not only does the latest medical research on anti-aging and longevity continue to…

by Ryan James
Dec 31, 2021

In 2022, Hit the Healthspan Trail, Beginning with the Pursuit of Meaning

If you were to ask us what one of the most powerful anti-aging activities is, our answer would be: The pursuit of meaning. Why?  Because the closer we get to the reality of how precious and mysterious our…

by Dr. Rav James
Dec 15, 2021

Bush Braaiing Done Right

A braai (barbecue) can be extremely bad for your health. Or it can be medicine. You choose. December in South Africa is certainly NOT a picture of health: High quantities of meat, including boerewors, which is a processed…

by Dr. Rav James
Dec 2, 2021

25 Food Medicine Photos… To Get You Inspired

This last month has been one of my best. Teaching and sharing about the healing power of food always gets me revved up. And as I have come together with people around food – in my Consultation Room,…

by Dr. Rav James
Nov 17, 2021

For You, Is Food a Chore or is Food Medicine?

How do we value food? Functional Medicine specialist at Hanya House, Dr. Rav James, often hears people saying:  “But to eat healthy is expensive.”  Alcohol is also expensive. Fashion is expensive. Ready made meals and fast-food. Cosmetics. Fancy…

by Denise Sohandev
Nov 16, 2021

3 Exercises to Tackle Anxiety Now

Beat anxiety - in the moment. Multiple recent studies have shown that – in the last two years globally – the number of people suffering from anxiety disorders has increased significantly. No surprises there. Anxiety is complex, and…

by Dr. Rav James
Aug 10, 2021

Food is Medicine with Dr. Rav: 4 Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas

For people looking to track a “food is medicine” approach to their life, one of the hardest meals to change is breakfast. I don’t ask all my patients to cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, and eggs forever, but…

by Ryan James
Jul 19, 2021

Hanya Q&A: With Life-Coach, Ryan James

Ryan James is a Life Coach and Ketamine Assisted Therapist who trained under the team of world-renowned Life Coach, Martha Beck. He currently leads our development at Hanya House overseeing our experiences, operations, and new product design and…

by Dr. Rav James
Jul 14, 2021

Improving Recovery Post-COVID: A Functional Medicine Approach

How can you best support your body as it recovers form COVID-19? In today’s article Hanya House Medical Director, Dr. Rav James, discusses "conscious recovery", supplementation, and IV vitamin therapy drawing on experience treating post-COVID patients who have…

by Dr. Rav James
Jun 29, 2021

6 Reminders for Covid-19 Waves

There are specific protocols for prevention and treatment that I am here to help with: I am continually researching what combinations of treatments are showing the best results. These need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis and…

by Ryan James
Jun 23, 2021

Q&A with Dr. Rav: What Should I Expect if I Sign Up for Health Coaching?

Recently the New York Times published an article titled We Could All Use a Health Coach. Given the amount of information, misinformation, opinions, and clickbait on food and health that bombards us on a daily basis, it’s not…

by Ryan James
May 25, 2021

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Anxiety

Anxiety has been a common feeling for many of the patients I have worked with in 2021. My approach is multi-dimensional, but I start by looking at how a person’s biochemical processes might be making the anxiety worse…

by Ryan James
May 25, 2021

Can Stress Break Down Brain Tissue?

Cortisol is released when we experience stress. Most people have heard this part before. But. Did you know that cortisol is a catabolic hormone, that can break down the gut lining and break down brain tissue? When I…