Hanya means “alive”

It is our intention to reconnect our guests to their own feeling of aliveness so that they may better serve themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.

Our unique processes are designed to turn on the epigenetic capacity for enhanced health, connecting guests to what it feels like to be fully alive and helping them to find, understand and maintain practices that will carry that feeling forward.

Under the guidance of Dr. Rav James, guests embark on a guided healing experience that combines the latest functional medicine approaches, biohacking technologies, and ancient practices across the dimensions of body, mind and spirit.

Ultimately, Hanya House is a restorative healing journey that allows guests to access their own intuitive ability to deeply heal.

Taking inspiration from Hanya

The word Hanya guides all of our philosophies. It is inspired by the nearby Shangaan culture in South Africa’s north-eastern region as well as the Middle Eastern roots of Hanya’s co-founder, Dr. Rav James.

“Hanya | Shangaan | ALIVE or LIVING

“Hania” | Hebrew | RESTING PLACE

“Hanya | Arabic | HAPPINESS

“Ha-nee-ya | Native American Hopi | SPIRIT WARRIOR

“Anya | Russian | GRACE

The Hanya healing hand

The Arch

The Arch symbolises inclusion and a safe space to heal.

Trinity Flower

The Trinity Flower symbolizes the coming together of old nature wisdom, modern medical science and an individual’s heart to form the sacred geometry that is the Flower of Life.

Universal Hand

The universal hand of healing reminds us that we each have the tools within us to heal ourselves. It also holds the idea of guided healing using ancient arts or protection from harmful patterns, people or places.

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