Personal Trainer at Hanya House, Bettina (Tina) Klesse recently marked one year of her F.I.T.T. Form Strength and Core classes for women. In celebration of this milestone, we asked Tina 12 questions:

When did you give your first F.I.T.T Form class and how did you recruit your first group of ladies?

The first F.I.T.T. Form class was on the 1st Aug 2022.  Prior to Covid I participated in ladies’ fitness classes. These classes made such a difference to my general well-being that I decided that I wanted to share that with others, so I decided to do a Personal Trainer course in 2021 when I turned 50 (possibly a mid-life crisis!). My family and friends encouraged me to do it.

Tina leading a class in The Treehouse studio at Hanya House

Who was in the first group?

The first group was predominantly made of my running friends and other friends who were kindly wanting to support my endeavour. These participants are still with me.  I now collectively have 30 ladies signed up for classes.

From left: Rav, Melinda, Lorraine, Dana, Rowena, Tracy, Colleen & Tina

From left: Bridget, Cathy, Sally & Rav

What gave you the inspiration to study as a personal trainer and when was that?

I have always found the body and related disciplines interesting. I studied pharmacy and worked in pharmacy for a short while and then worked in clinical research for many years. My inspiration to do the Trifocus Personal Trainer course came following the benefits I experienced doing strength training in addition to my running. I wanted others to experience these benefits. My family and friends encouraged me to go ahead with my studies and have supported me consistently. I am so grateful!  

How would you describe F.I.T.T. Form and what makes it unique?

Our classes aim to improve overall and core strength. The idea of strength training is often not attractive for ladies but given the venue, the happy group of ladies, and the set-up of the classes the participants are really enjoying it and feeling the benefits. Participants have mentioned that they feel stronger when cycling and running. I try to keep classes interesting and ensure that over time we use as many muscles as possible. I like to say we walk away endorphinised!

What is your favourite exercise?

I love running, but I also love all forms of strength training with weights and with bands. I love the feeling that your muscles have worked! There is nothing nicer than a good stretch after a strenuous workout.

What advice would you give to a lady who is struggling to get back into an exercise routine?

Just try it! Our classes are suitable for various levels of fitness. The atmosphere is not competitive – we all have different strengths and weaknesses. What’s important is that we get moving.  

Have you always been passionate about fitness?

I have loved sport since school days. My perfect day starts off with a run or a workout.

F.I.T.T. Form Stretch

What has been a highlight of F.I.T.T. Form for you?

Seeing the transformation of the participant from when they enter the class to when they leave it and the improved strength participants have shown.

What is your favourite song to work out to?

“The Business” by TIESTO

You recently started a Stretch class. Who is that class designed for?

Our new “Stretch” class is well suited for senior ladies. We have chairs which can be utilised for stability during these classes. Strength goes hand-in-hand with flexibility, so these classes include a combination. The ladies are really enjoying these classes. It makes my day to see their smiles and they love the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s playlists I use.

From left to right: Zena, Tina, Susie & Jen. Liz in the front and Lyn is at the back.

Do you have a favourite quote?

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”

What motivates you to stay fit?

I have never regretted doing an exercise session. It is always an uplifting experience, even when it is sometimes hard to get started. It keeps me healthy and benefits me in so many ways. I’d be silly not to exercise!

From left: Bridget, Cathy, Tina, Rav & Rowena

More about F.I.T.T Form Strength & Core Classes:

F.I.T.T. Form offers ladies Strength Training classes in the beautiful Treehouse Studio at Hanya House. We focus on core strength and use small weights, exercise bands, and body weight. The classes are suitable for all levels of fitness as intensity is adjusted to individual needs. In addition to the Strength Sessions, we offer a less intense Stretch Session well suited for all levels of fitness and flexibility.

  • Strength Session offered: Tues & Thurs 5h45 and 7h45
  • Stretch/Strength Session offered: Tues 9h00
  • Monthly fee: R285 for one class per week & R570 for two classes per week
  • Call Bettina: 082 921 1035