Movement, Breathwork, & Meditation

With a combined 40 years of experience, our movement, breath-work and meditation guides specialise in Kundalini, Hatha and Ana Forrest yoga and are among a handful of experts in Africa practicing age-old and sacred breath-work techniques, like holotropic or conscious-connected breathing, a ritual that has proven to be transformational for people around the world.

75 mins | 12-week Program
R900 | R9720

Personalised One-on-One Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a specialised field of training based in the ancient techniques of yoga philosophy, movement, and meditation. It is the specific, scientific application of yogic tools to address an individual’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

90 mins

Personalised One-on-One Breath-Work Therapy

The age-old practice of ‘holotropic’ or ‘conscious-connected breathing’ (CCB) uses breath to bypass the brain’s rational control center and access the unconscious part of the mind, allowing you the opportunity to connect with parts of yourself that aren’t always available.

3 hrs

The Art of Living Yoga & Breath-Work Blend

This Hanya House Signature healing blend combines reflexology, music, meditation, yoga therapy and breathwork. Complemented by the Functional Medicine expertise of Dr. Rav, the Art of Living Yoga Breathwork Blend is personalised to each guest.