Kristen Hearne (Founder of The Plantsman Eatery) and Dr. Rav James (Founder and Medical Director of Hanya House Integrative Wellness Centre) both believe that food is the original medicine, capable of fundamentally shaping the quality of our lives.

We’re excited to announce that in 2023 they have teamed up to bring a new #FoodisMedicine series to The Plantsman Eatery specials board featuring intentional, fresh, wholesome, and medicinal recipes.

Founder of The Plantsman Eatery, Kristen, with Cook Sandra.

Kristen, why #FoodIsMedicine?

“More and more of our clientele are looking for food that is not just low-fat or gluten free or vegan or ticking another health box. They’re looking for intentional food. It’s fresh, wholesome, delicious, and made with high-quality ingredients. But it’s got to be tasty and satisfying too, which is why I love working with Dr. Rav, who is obsessed as much with the JOY of health, as with the SCIENCE of health.”

Kristen Hearne

Our first #FoodisMedicine colab features Dr. Rav’s Mediterranean Salad & Ostrich Bowl and is now available at The Plantsman Eatery.

How would you describe this salad?

It is an Israeli chopped salad featuring tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, corn, dark green herbs, lean spice-infused ostrich meat balls, plenty of extra virgin olive oil, a dollop of hand-whipped tahini and an optional side of coriander chilli dressing.

Enjoy some photos of the creation and launch:

The Test Kitchen at The Plantsman Eatery

Dr. Rav, tell us more about WHY this is the first recipe in the collaboration…

“With this dish I’ve had fun blending my Mediterranean heritage with my African home. An Israeli salad is a tomato and cucumber salad that is very finely chopped.

Believe it or not, the fine chopping changes the flavour, allowing you to really savour the fresh purity of the tomatoes, cucumbers, salt, and olive oil.

Ostrich is a meat that my family loves cooking with. It’s lighter and leaner that a normal mince, which I find is so much better for a lunch option. Tahini is a sesame seed paste that is served with almost every meal in Israel. It is packed with goodness (especially calcium) and has the bonus of being quite filling.

And so – in the end – this little bowl with all its fresh vegetables, spices and herbs, olive oil, lean meat, and tahini, may look little, but it’s a powerhouse: Healthy, delicious, featuring the good fats that our body and minds are craving, and, yes, it will keep you feeling amazingly full.”

– Dr. Rav James, Medical Director at Hanya House Integrative Wellness Centre

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