Why Join an Om Chanting?

Apart from the fact that you get an hour of anti-technology time (no devices) connecting in a way free of roles (professional, domestic, self-imposed) and enjoying the healing power of sound in a supported group setting?

The Science

There is a lot of literature and research on the Vagus Nerve (the longest cranial nerve in the body) and in the context of this article, we’re interested in its ability to calm our nervous system when it’s activated. Although few people try it, humming is a surprisingly effective way to calm ourselves when we’re feeling anxious, precisely because it activates the vagus nerve and encourages a sense of calm, helping us move towards emotional regulation.

The Frequency

So if humming can do that, imagine what a one-hour community chant can do.

Of course, the Om chant is important because it vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, the same frequency found throughout the natural world. And so it is often referred to as the sound of the universe.

And So…

And so, when we chant the sound of om together, we are not only resetting the ventral vagus nerve, allowing ourselves to deeply relax and surrender, we are also connecting to our surroundings… our sense of deep interconnectedness.

Interested in joining us at Hanya House?

Next experience: Thursday, 5 May 2022

Guide: Denise Sohandev (Breathwork Specialist, Life-Coach & Yoga Instructor)

Time: 17h45 – 19h00

Number of spaces available: 21

Price: Free

Experience Level: Suitable for everyone who would like to join a community meditation and chant

To reserve your spot, email connect@hanya.house or click here.