What is it?

A 4-week online doctor-led and community-centric journey to manage your weight, reverse disease processes, optimise energy levels, sleep better, and live with more vitality simply by understanding your body’s glucose responses.

Next Start Dates:

5 February 2023. Sign-up closes on 27 January.

How does it work?

Wearable continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are helping people around the world understand how their bodies respond to the way they eat.

FACT: This is allowing them to see the shocking truth of how far away they have veered from healthy, intuitive eating AND just how much hidden sugar exists in our food, even the food that is presented as “healthy.”

Using the data from CGMs as a foundation of understanding, Functional Medicine expert, Dr. Rav James, guides her patients as they rebuild their relationship with food, helping them go on to reverse disease processes, manage their weight better than ever before, and finally – understand what joyful and intuitive eating is and how it can dramatically affect the quality of their lives.

This 4-week online program includes:

Your purchase of the RESET YOUR METABOLIC HEALTH Program includes:

1 x Wearable Continuous Glucose Monitor
(shipped locally or internationally)

2 x  One-on-one consultations with Functional Medicine expert, Dr. Rav James (30-min consultations, including blood panel analyses if provided by the patient)

1 x Group coaching session with Dr. Rav James

A signature Food is Medicine Video Masterclass

A library of recipes and cooking demos

Access to a private online community forum for inspiration, support and connection

A dedicated program manager & weekly question and answer sessions on the community forum

How do I sign up?

Start Date: 5 February, 2023 (sign-up closes on 27 January)

Launch Price: R4990*

Limited spaces are available. To reserve your space email: connect@hanya.house and we’ll get you started.

* Blood panel tests for this program are not included in the price. Most medical aids cover the blood panel tests required for this program, but if yours does not, we can discuss focusing the panels that we use for your program.

More about Functional Medicine and Dr. Rav

Dr. Rav James is one of a handful of medical doctors in South Africa with an Advanced Fellowship in Nutritional, Metabolic and Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As a Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Rav is interested in “root causes” and whole body healing and her most recent research focuses on food as medicine, insulin resistance, time-restricted fasting, metabolic health, integrative oncology, and holistic approaches to mental health.

Dr. Rav James shares a brief program overview


To reserve your spot or if you have questions email our team on connect@hanya.house.