As we open 2023, we are privileged to do so with a healing team that embodies safety, peace, and community. From January, HANYA will have five anchor healers working independently under the Hanya House roof (meet them all below).

Also, we will continue to work closely with the most wonderful associate healers, including Julie Mostert (Kinesiologist), Candice Buys (Massage Therapist), and BeJay Watson (Sound Therapist, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Enneagram Practitioner).

On a practical note, all bookings and enquiries should be done directly with each healer. You can find all the correct contact details below.

Dr. Rav James

Dr. Rav James is one of a handful of medical doctors in South Africa with an Advanced Fellowship in Nutritional, Metabolic and Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As a Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Rav is interested in “root causes” and her most recent research focuses on food as medicine, insulin resistance, time-restricted fasting, metabolic health, integrative oncology, holistic approaches to mental health, peri-menopause and menopause, and long covid.

At Hanya House Dr. Rav has created a new approach to the architecture of functional healing. With a profound belief in the “whole body” she cultivates healing journeys that allow individuals to discover that healing is a force within them that can be cultivated and amplified with awareness, understanding, forgiveness, creativity and love.

Dr. Rav offers GP consultations, Functional Medicine consultations, DNA and Gut Microbiome testing, and various forms of IV Therapy treatments. She also runs a number of online programs, including the Medical Weight Management program and Reset Your Metabolic Health program.

To make a booking: | | 068 494 6621 (Whatsapp or phone)

Denise Sohandev

Denise Sohandev is a Personal Growth Mentor, with a passion for guiding women to create a life they love. As a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, and NLP Master Coach she views the body as a gateway for healing the mind.

Since her mind/body journey began in 1999 she has been studying and interpreting the sometimes esoteric teachings of ancient yogic philosophies and practices, as a means to support women as they identify and overcome the imprinted beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that limit them from fulfilling their potential. She believes every woman can be empowered to live a joyful, rich and meaningful life as they uncover and embody their own unique purpose.

Denise is a wife, mother and eternal student navigating the flow of life.

To make a booking: | | 083 387 3866 (Whatsapp or phone)

Lindsey Hyson

Lindsey Hyson has been practising as a clinical psychologist since 2008. During her career she has worked (in the UK and South Africa) in private practice, psychiatric hospitals, an addiction and rehabilitation centre, corporate firms, and schools. Lindsey works with depression and anxiety, trauma, addiction, emotional regulation difficulties, interpersonal difficulties, parenting, grief and personal growth. 

I have always had the desire to work with people, to understand why we find ourselves repeatedly caught up in the same patterns. My goal is to provide a safe place to think and a context for healing and change. I believe that by expanding awareness and connection to oneself, and by tuning in to the wisdom of our system, we allow for the process of healing.

My therapy style has been influenced by several schools of psychotherapy and approaches including psychodynamic theory, attachment theory, imago couples therapy, SHIP theory (spontaneous healing in intrapsychic processes) and family systems theory. I use principles of DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) where I focus on mindfulness and distress tolerance.

I am passionate about working together with my clients in exploring how past and present experiences contribute to our current state or ‘dis-ease’. I aim to provide a context for honest reflection and connection. In the setting of a trusting relationship, I believe that healing, creativity, and a change toward a more meaningful and authentic life becomes possible.

I am very excited to be working at Hanya House next year!

To make a booking: | | 082 567 6929 (Whatsapp or phone)

Claudette Currie

Claudette Currie is a certified Oncology Massage Therapist, Sonic Vibrational Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner (Acupressure Therapy) and Wisdom Keeper. Claudette did her training in the USA and worked for several years with Atlantic Health Systems Integrative Medicine Services Department as well as her own business, Seasons In Wellness.

Claudette studied with the Upledger Institute and the Barral Institute gaining qualifications in CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.  She is trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, The Vodder Method and certified in Breast Health/Massage – The Spurgeon Method®.

Claudette is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Qigong Instructor. She has studied North American Energy Medicine and has trained as a Medicine Woman with the Wisdom Keepers of Peru, The Rainbow Lineage.

To make a booking: | | 060 852 8682 (Whatsapp or phone) Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am – 4pm & Saturday 9am – 3pm (By appointment)

Ryan James

As well as being Dr. Rav’s trusty partner and side-kick, Ryan James is a certified Master Life Coach trained under the team of world-renowned sociologist, author, and Life Coach, Martha Beck, who, for over 20 years, has helped people to come into integrity of being and “find their North Star.” 

Ryan also specialises in Ketamine Assisted Therapy to treat depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. ​Ryan’s clients describe the transpersonal nature of Ketamine Assisted Therapy as “life-changing” and Ryan’s current interest focuses on psycho spiritual growth, the mind-body connection, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Ryan’s six-week MIND-BODY-CONNECT program focuses on re-introducing busy people to their own ability to create peace and clarity within themselves.

Ryan is a word-shaker, a meaning-maker, a Life Coach, a husband, a father, a son and person who believes deeply in rich, life-changing and purposeful experiences (and flamingos).

To make a booking: | | 068 494 6621 (Whatsapp or phone)

Bettina (Tina) Klesse

Bettina Klesse is a personal trainer who runs F.I.T.T Form, a strength and toning program for ladies. F.I.T.T stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type and the focus of Bettina’s classes is strength training with small weights, body weight, and resistance bands. Bettina’s passion is helping women to maintain and build core strength and muscle mass. Her classes are small and full of fun and community. There are four classes per week: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 05h45 and 07h45.

To make a booking:
082 921 1035 (Whatsapp or phone)