As part of her Functional Medicine approach, Hanya House Medical Director, Dr. Rav James, incorporates intravenous (IV) vitamin therapies into the health plans of many patients.

IV Therapy & Health Coaching in One Consultation

Dr. Rav sees these sessions as highly valuable because she stays present for the whole time, which is important for safety, and because while patients are receiving therapeutic doses of vitamin and botanical blends, they’re also “health coaching” on anything and everything that may be a question for them regarding their specific health journey.

What We Specialise In

In combination with other therapies, our team at Hanya House has seen the clear benefit of IV therapies as an approach to stress, poor detoxification, brain-fog, fatigue and also compromised immune function (to name a few). Less well known is the fact that – for the last four years – Dr. Rav has partnered with oncology specialists from around the world to use specific IV vitamin and botanical therapies as an adjunct to conventional chemotherapy.

According to Dr. Rav:

There are drip bars being set-up around the world. Often, these are places where you can pop in, select an IV therapy treatment off a menu, and get started without much consultation or the presence of a doctor. My own approach includes a comprehensive pre-questionnaire via email before you arrive (for new patients). Once the patient has arrived, I do a further pre-treatment check before we start. And of course, once IV therapy has started, the patient has my full-attention for the approximately 30-60 minute time period that is required. During that time, patients can choose to be quiet or we can use the time as a health coaching session.

When a person receives an IV vitamin therapy, they’re receiving a liquid mixture of vitamins and minerals through a small tube inserted into a vein. Often, the absorption rate is much higher than it would be with vitamins taking orally. Higher achievable concentrations are possible using IV in comparison to oral. For example a higher oral dose of vitamin C will often lead to gastro-intestinal side effects, but administering it intravenously means that higher therapeutic doses can be achieved with minimal side-effects.

As part of our vision for our offering into the future, we’ve worked hard to make IV therapies at Hanya House more accessible and affordable. We’ve included an updated price list below. As well as the IV vitamin therapies, these prices include VAT and Dr. Rav’s time. If a session is booked for two or more people, a 10% discount will apply.

1. Immune Booster

Ingredients: High dose vitamin C (12.5g) with selenium, zinc sulphate, & magnesium sulphate

Ideal for: Those wanting to ensure their immune system is functioning at its best, or those that feel run down and prone to infections.

Price: R1360 

2. Energy Booster

Ingredients: High dose vitamin C (12.5g) with vitamin B12, vitamin B complex plus, & magnesium sulphate.

Ideal for: Those wanting a blend of ideal nutrients to support the adrenal glands during those high stress times to provide that much needed energy boost. 

Price: R1140

3. Detox Focus

Ingredients: Vitamin C (6g) plus high dose of the powerful antioxidant, glutathione.

Ideal for: Those wanting to boost glutathione, the most potent anti-oxidant the body produces and key for various detoxification steps in the liver as well as immune function. 

Price: R1070

4. High Dose Vitamin C*

Ingredients: 25g of vitamin C with magnesium sulphate & trace minerals.

Ideal for: (1) Those recovering from an illness, surgery, or any acute event such as a heart attack; (2) Those wanting to boost their body’s ability to ward off chronic diseases; (3) Those who are interested in supportive oncological measures.

Price: R1665

*Blood work required before administration

If you would like to book an IV therapy session with Dr. Rav James, click here. Please bear in mind that 10% discount applies if you book for two or more people.