Hanya House is a collaboration that brings together highly experienced and sought-after health professionals.

Under the guidance of husband and wife team, Dr. Rav and Ryan James, we have invited an informal collaboration of some of the best healers around. This is thanks, in part, to the unique town of White River – where Hanya House is located – that has attracted a community of forward-thinking wellness experts, each highly trained with years of experience.

Health professionals work independently from Hanya House, each of them sharing a common passion for providing a safe and peaceful space as their patients and clients as move towards whole-body healing. The environment allows for unique collaborations among professionals where appropriate.

The thread that connects our healers under the Hanya House roof is the belief that medicine is so much more than just “medicine”. Food, movement, stillness, breath, mindset, sound, nature, community and you. These are the original, ancient medicines that must work alongside “conventional” medicines for the benefit of individuals and communities.

Meet Our Anchor Healers

Meet the team that believes that the healing of the world begins with the healing of its people…

Dr. Rav James

Medical Director, GP, & Functional Medicine Specialist

Dr. Rav James is one of a handful of medical doctors in South Africa with an Advanced Fellowship in Nutritional, Metabolic and Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As a Functional Medicine specialist, Dr. Rav is interested in “root causes” and her most recent research focuses on food as medicine, insulin resistance, time-restricted fasting, metabolic health, integrative oncology, holistic approaches to mental health, peri-menopause and menopause, and long covid.

At Hanya House Dr. Rav has created a new approach to the architecture of functional healing. With a profound belief in the “whole body” she cultivates healing journeys that allow individuals to discover that healing is a force within them that can be cultivated and amplified with awareness, understanding, forgiveness, creativity and love.

Dr. Rav offers GP consultations, Functional Medicine consultations, DNA and Gut Microbiome testing, and various forms of IV Therapy treatments. She also runs a number of online programs, including the Medical Weight Management program and Reset Your Metabolic Health program.

Lindsey Hyson


Lindsey Hyson has been practising as a clinical psychologist since 2008. During her career she has worked (in the UK and South Africa) in private practice, psychiatric hospitals, an addiction and rehabilitation centre, corporate firms, and schools. Lindsey works with depression and anxiety, trauma, addiction, emotional regulation difficulties, interpersonal difficulties, parenting, grief and personal growth.

I have always had the desire to work with people, to understand why we find ourselves repeatedly caught up in the same patterns. My goal is to provide a safe place to think and a context for healing and change. I believe that by expanding awareness and connection to oneself, and by tuning in to the wisdom of our system, we allow for the process of healing.

My therapy style has been influenced by several schools of psychotherapy and approaches including psychodynamic theory, attachment theory, imago couples therapy, SHIP theory (spontaneous healing in intrapsychic processes) and family systems theory. I use principles of DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) where I focus on mindfulness and distress tolerance.

“I am passionate about working together with my clients in exploring how past and present experiences contribute to our current state or ‘dis-ease’. I aim to provide a context for honest reflection and connection. In the setting of a trusting relationship, I believe that healing, creativity, and a change toward a more meaningful and authentic life becomes possible.”

Denise Sohandev

Life Coach, Yoga Instructor & Breathwork Specialist

Denise Sohandev is a Personal Growth Mentor, with a passion for guiding women to create a life they love. As a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, and NLP Master Coach she views the body as a gateway for healing the mind.

Since her mind/body journey began in 1999 she has been studying and interpreting the sometimes esoteric teachings of ancient yogic philosophies and practices, as a means to support women as they identify and overcome the imprinted beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that limit them from fulfilling their potential. She believes every woman can be empowered to live a joyful, rich and meaningful life as they uncover and embody their own unique purpose.

Denise is a wife, mother and eternal student navigating the flow of life.

Ryan James

Experience Director, Master Life Coach, & Ketamine Assisted Therapy Guide

As well as being Dr. Rav’s trusty partner and side-kick, Ryan James is a certified Master Life Coach trained under the team of world-renowned sociologist, author, and Life Coach, Martha Beck, who, for over 20 years, has helped people to come into integrity of being and “find their North Star.”

Ryan also specialises in Ketamine Assisted Therapy to treat depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. ​Ryan’s clients describe the transpersonal nature of Ketamine Assisted Therapy as “life-changing” and Ryan’s current interest focuses on psycho spiritual growth, the mind-body connection, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Ryan’s six-week MIND-BODY-CONNECT program focuses on re-introducing busy people to their own ability to create peace and clarity within themselves.

Ryan is a word-shaker, a meaning-maker, a Life Coach, a husband, a father, a son and person who believes deeply in rich, life-changing and purposeful experiences (and flamingos).

Claudette Currie

Certified Oncology Massage Therapist, Sonic Vibrational Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Jin Shin Jiyutsu Practitioner

Claudette Currie is a certified Oncology Massage Therapist, Sonic Vibrational Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner (Acupressure Therapy) and Wisdom Keeper. Claudette did her training in the USA and worked for several years with Atlantic Health Systems Integrative Medicine Services Department as well as her own business, Seasons In Wellness.

Claudette studied with the Upledger Institute and the Barral Institute gaining qualifications in CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. She is trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, The Vodder Method and certified in Breast Health/Massage – The Spurgeon Method®.

Claudette is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Qigong Instructor. She has studied North American Energy Medicine and has trained as a Medicine Woman with the Wisdom Keepers of Peru, The Rainbow Lineage.

Bettina Klesse

Personal Trainer

Bettina Klesse is a personal trainer who runs F.I.T.T Form, a strength and toning program for ladies. F.I.T.T stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type and the focus of Bettina’s classes is strength training with small weights, body weight, and resistance bands.

Bettina’s passion is helping women to maintain and build core strength and muscle mass. Her classes are small and full of fun and community. There are five classes per week: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 05h45 and 07h45 for F.I.T.T Form Strength & Toning. And Tuesday 09h00 for F.I.T.T Stretch & Mobility for mature ladies.

Sarah Ferrier

Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Sarah Ferrier studied in Stellenbosch at the prestigious Isa Carstens College and spent her early years working at award-winning safari destination, Londolozi Game Reserve, heading up their wellness centre. In 2017 Sarah joined the team @Wellness360 based in Nelspruit where she primarily focused on sport-oriented therapy.

Sarah’s focus and passion has always been human movement: The therapeutic, restorative benefits of massage therapy, specifically myofascial massage. Sarah works with her clients to bring awareness to the way they move so that they may better understand functional movement patterns and the relationship between muscle groups and posture.

Sarah commonly treats the following: Tension head-aches and migraines, TMJ release, sinus congestion, lymphatic drainage, back and neck tension, sport/rehabilitation of injuries, stress induced tension patterns in the body, stress management by calming the autonomic nervous system and restoring balance to the body.

Cindy Brooks

B.Tech Somatology Skincare & Beauty Therapist

Cindy studied at Tshwane University of Technology and received her B.Tech Degree in Somatology in 2003. If you ask her what she does, she’ll say she works with clients to help them feel more confident and, in pursuit of that goal, she offers a range of customised skincare treatments including: Dermapen4 Micro needling, RégimA facial and peel treatments, and skin analyses to prescribe the perfect homecare routine between treatments.

Cindy is a professionally-trained makeup artist and specialises in photographic and bridal makeup artistry. “I also love teaching people how to apply makeup to their own faces and to make them feel more confident and self-assured. I’m always trying to better myself and stay on-trend with the latest skincare and beauty treatments. I’m currently in the process of choosing another product range to add to my list of skincare treatments as well as courses to improve on my existing skills and expertise.”

As well as specialised skin treatments and professional make-up, Cindy offers manicure and pedicure treatments, waxing treatments, male grooming and gua sha treatment.

Verena Wagner

Bounti Rebound Fitness Instructor

Parallel to her career in the non-profit sector, Verena is passionate about health, coffee, and good cake. Exercise and movement have been a major part of her life for the last 20 years. She says: “The physical benefits of exercise are a bonus for me. Movement has always been mental and emotional therapy. It’s where I process thoughts and feelings, learn valuable life lessons, and create the most meaningful connections.”

Verena came across rebounding years before she tried it. A bout of shingles led to research about lymphatic support and so she bought her first rebounder.

“From the moment I tried it, something clicked”, she says. Verena had found an exercise modality that ticked a multitude of boxes. It was a cross section of everything, supporting her current exercise regime, she could do it anywhere and anytime, it has endless health benefits and most importantly it was fun. “The question that kept coming up for me was: Why don’t more people know about this? It’s an absolute winner”. At that point she enrolled in a course through Lisa Raleigh and then qualified as a Bounti Rebounding Instructor.

Verena’s intention is to use rebounding to offer the same movement therapy to as many people as possible… to use fun and functional movement as tool for health and happiness!

Farrah Cruse

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Farrah completed her 200-hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2021. She is enthusiastic about making everyone feel as comfortable as possible in her classes. Farrah believes yoga is for everyBODY and embraces the idea of feeling your best over making the perfect pose. Join Farrah to be guided by breath as you move your way to a renewed mind.

Farrah is currently completing her Heath Coaching Course through IIN, and plans to help each client reach their personal sustainable health goals. Through a holistic approach and understanding that each person is bio-individual as well as a multidimensional being, team up with Farrah to come up with your greatest personalised long term health plan.

Meet Our Associate Healers

Meet the world-renowned healers and guides who reach beyond expectations to blend thousand
year old practices to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of 21st century life.

BeJay Watson

Sound Healer, Gong Master, Yoga Therapist Enneagram Practitioner & Life Coach

BeJay is an internationally qualified sound therapist, Gong Master, yoga practitioner, intuitive healer, enneagram practitioner, and Life Coach. After living in the African bush for over 20 years BeJay has been inspired by the greatest teacher of all: the wilderness… its frequencies, its rhythms, its waterways, its movements, and its stillness.

This connection to nature is the foundation of BeJay’s practice and today she is renowned for her one-of-a-kind blend of ancient healing modalities, for example drawing on yoga, the conch shell, breath-work, and meditation in a single session to open people up to their true frequencies, rhythms, waterways, movements, and, most importantly, their stillness.

BeJay’s yoga practice is based on 15 years of experience and she draws on the basic foundation teachings of Sivananda Hatha yoga, the strength and integrity of Advanced Ana Forrest, as well as the subtle energetic flow of Kundalini Yoga. This dynamic blend of yoga has allowed BeJay and Dr. Rav to work together successfully to merge medicine and yoga in order to improve movement, flexibility and pain in people of all ages and abilities.

Intuitive energy healing with BeJay is somewhere between seeing a life-coach, a guru and a dear friend.

Candice Buys

Massage Therapist

Candice is an intuitive bodywork therapist whose training blends traditional massage with kinesiology and frequency healing.

Candice trained at a Condé Naste multiple award-winning safari lodge and works together with Dr. Rav to select personalised treatments and essential oils that support healing, detoxification, and stress-relief.

Candice uses her healing hands to induce a flow of energy within the body with the intention of releasing toxins and soothing pain. In her new journey at Hanya House Candice is a vital part of the healing team. Together with Dr. Rav, Ryan and our sound, movement and breathwork associates, Candice helps to curate age-old healing programs that are the foundation of a multi-system approach to long-term, sustainable healing.

Julie Mostert


A down-to-earth holistic health practitioner, Julie makes use of muscle testing to access the subconscious mind, obtaining precise information about what the body needs to attain harmony and balance before any underlying issues turn to illness or disease.

Julie uses kinesiology to treat the whole body emotionally, physically, mentally, and energetically. “This non-invasive, hands-on, personalised holistic treatment is used to treat the whole body”, Julie explains. “Using the art of muscle testing, I am able to correct the underlying cause of a problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. I have access to a wide range of gentle yet effective corrections, which activate someone’s own natural self-healing, thereby restoring harmony and well-being. You’ll feel lighter, calmer and clearer, and you will experience an overwhelming, complete sense of balance.” Julie goes on to explain what a wonderful tool this is for clearing unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs, bringing about positive change. Kinesiology is safe for all ages.

Kelly van Rooyen

Parenting Coach

Kelly is a mother to twin boys, and an internationally qualified Hand in Hand Parenting instructor.  Her background is in Montessori education, where the focus was on positive discipline and nurturing of the individual child.  She taught in the three to six environment and ran a preschool before becoming a mother.  Kelly is currently completing her life coaching certification with the aim to provide parents with deeper personal support.

Kelly is passionate about bringing a sense of joy and connection into families and providing parents with the tools to raise their children in a conscious and confident way.  No two families are alike, and she aims to support parents in bringing this connection into their home in a way that aligns with the unique values and priorities of each family.

Tania Hodsdon-Hoare

Kids Who Can & Teens Who Can Community Facilitator

Tania has been the owner and principal of a Montessori school for 12 years and is currently the Centre Head and Lecturer for Montessori Centre South Africa in Nelspruit. As a teacher she is always on the lookout for programs that help children to develop their ability to socially and emotionally navigate today’s world.

As well as having a preschool in White River, Tania is he Program Trainer for Kids Who Can Community, Mpumalanga.