Hanya House is a collaboration that brings together highly experienced and award-winning hoteliers and healers.

Londolozi is one of South Africa’s original private game reserves and has been a pillar of ecotourism for nearly 100 years. Dr. Rav James is one of three doctors in South Africa with an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine.

The thread that connects these two pioneers of their respective industries is the belief that the healing of the world begins with the healing of its people, communities and ecosystems, and out of that belief Hanya House has emerged: A resting place for individuals to come alive so that they may better serve themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.

Under the guidance of husband and wife team, Rav and Ryan James, we have curated some of the best healers in the world. This is thanks, in part, to the unique town of White River – where Hanya House is located – that has attracted a community of forward-thinking wellness experts, each highly trained with years of experience.

Meet Our Core Team

Meet the team that believes that the healing of the world begins with the healing of its people…

Dr. Rav James

Medical Director

Dr. Rav is an integrative medical doctor, a biohacker and a mystic. Over the last 16 years she has been on a journey to understand healing that has taken her from the trauma wards of South Africa’s most rural hospitals to the cutting edge of medical science in the United States.

At Hanya House Dr. Rav has created a new approach to the architecture of functional healing. With a profound belief in the “whole body” she cultivates healing journeys that allow individuals to discover that healing is a force within them that can be cultivated and amplified with awareness, understanding, forgiveness, creativity and love.

Dr Rav is a medical doctor, a medicine woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a true healer.

Ryan James

Experience Director, Life Coach & Ketamine Guide

Ryan is a creative storyteller, life coach and transpersonal experience guide. With 18 years’ experience in curating exceptional customer experiences, Ryan leads the team of Hanya Guides who support and curate the healing journey of each of our guests. 

As a Life Coach Ryan trained under the team of world-renowned sociologist, author and Life Coach, Martha Beck, who, for over 20 years, has helped people to come into integrity of being and “find their North Star.” 

Ryan also specialises in Ketamine Assisted Therapy to treat depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. ​Ryan’s clients describe the transpersonal nature of Ketamine Assisted Therapy as “life-changing” and Ryan’s current interest focuses on psycho spiritual growth, the mind-body connection, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Ryan is a word-shaker, a meaning-maker, a Life Coach, a husband, a father, a son and person who believes deeply in rich, life-changing and purposeful experiences.

Candice Buys

Bodywork Specialist

Candice is an intuitive bodywork therapist whose training blends traditional massage with kinesiology and frequency healing. Candice trained at a Condé Naste multiple award-winning safari lodge and works together with Dr. Rav to select personalised treatments and essential oils that support healing, detoxification, and stress-relief.

Candice uses her healing hands to induce a flow of energy within the body with the intention of releasing toxins and soothing pain. In her new journey at Hanya House Candice is a vital part of the healing team. Together with Dr. Rav, Ryan and our sound, movement and breathwork associates, Candice helps to curate age-old healing programs that are the foundation of multi-system approach to long-term, sustainable healing

Meet Our Associate Healers

Meet the world-renowned healers and guides who reach beyond expectations to blend thousand
year old practices to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of 21st century life.

Denise Sohandev

NLP Life Coach, Yoga Therapist & Breath-Work Specialist

Denise is a believer in the innate healing powers of the body. Having worked intimately with the body since 2007 she is passionate about guiding people to understand the complexities of the mind-body connection.

Denise trained as an NLP Master Coach and has combined those skills with Gabor Matè’s Compassionate Inquiry technique, to help her clients unearth the root cause of their behaviours. She uses these two modalities along with over 20 years of yoga and breath-work experience to create an individualised healing experience. She is currently adding to her skill set, studying yoga therapy with the The Yoga Therapy Institute in the Netherlands.

One of Denise’s passions is to take the esoteric teachings of ancient yogic philosophy and practice, and present them in a way that is easily accessible to a contemporary lifestyle, using the ancient wisdom to create a full, rich and meaningful life in the 21st century. It is Denise’s belief that each client can be empowered to navigate the flow of life with grace and ease. 

Denise is a wife, mother and eternal student, taking the path less traveled on this journey of life.

BeJay Watson

Sound Healer, Gong Master, Yoga Therapist & Life Coach

BeJay is an internationally qualified sound therapist, Gong Master, yoga practitioner, intuitive healer, and Life Coach. After living in the African bush for over 20 years BeJay has been inspired by the greatest teacher of all: the wilderness… its frequencies, its rhythms, its waterways, its movements, and its stillness.

This connection to nature is the foundation of BeJay’s practice and today she is renowned for her one-of-a-kind blend of ancient healing modalities, for example drawing on yoga, the conch shell, breath-work, and meditation in a single session to open people up to their true frequencies, rhythms, waterways, movements, and, most importantly, their stillness.

BeJay’s yoga practice is based on 15 years of experience and she draws on the basic foundation teachings of Sivananda Hatha yoga, the strength and integrity of Advanced Ana Forrest, as well as the subtle energetic flow of Kundalini Yoga. This dynamic blend of yoga has allowed BeJay and Dr. Rav to work together successfully to merge medicine and yoga in order to improve movement, flexibility and pain in people of all ages and abilities.

Intuitive energy healing with BeJay is somewhere between seeing a life-coach, a guru and a dear friend.

Boyd Varty

Shaman, Tracker & Storyteller

The wildlife and literacy activist Boyd Varty, author of the memoir Cathedral of the Wild and the Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life, had an unconventional upbringing. Born to a family of conservationists, Boyd grew up on Londolozi Game Reserve in the South African wilderness, a place where man and nature strive for balance, where perils exist alongside wonders.

Since childhood, Boyd shared his home with lions, leopards, snakes, and elephants and has spent his life in apprenticeship to the wisdom of nature. As a university student, he studied psychology and ecology, supplementing his education by learning martial arts in Thailand, hiking through the jungles of the Amazon, and apprenticing to a renowned tracker from the Shangaan tribe deepening his intimate knowledge of the natural world. Boyd grew up speaking the local language and learning the true meaning of coexistence between people and with nature.

Boyd continues to, like a tracker, follow unconventional pathways.  He has worked intensively over the past 7 years in ceremonial spaces as an apprentice to a Peruvian shaman while generating his own system of coaching called “track your life” with draws lessons from the ancient art form of tracking to help people find more meaning, purpose and motivation.

At the core of his work is the impulse of life towards healing, wholeness and wildness.  He works in both the USA and South Africa to connect people to nature and to their own true inner nature.

Bronwyn Varty-Laburn

Facilitator, Life Coach

Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother and master life coach. Having grown up in the modern day African village of Londolozi, her childhood was unconventional. Bronwyn has been in the field of brand architecture and personal wellness for over 12 years and is currently the Creative Director of Londolozi Game Reserve.

She launched the early concepts of the Track Your Life & STAR Retreats amongst others. She is a passionate business consultant, specialising in family business facilitation and personal visioning. Having travelled extensively, she has a deep love of understanding ancient cultures. Bronwyn is a philanthropist and a change agent towards more sustainable business models based on a new kind of economics. 

At heart, Bronwyn is a light worker committed to the idea that before we can heal the planet, we need to heal ourselves and only through a profound shift in human consciousness can we wake up to a new way of living in the world.