Why Join a Transformational Breathing Experience?

Guided by Life Coaches, Denise Sohandev and Ryan James, our Transformational Breathing Experience explores a self development theme (see below) before moving into a conscious-connected breathing session. During this session we will breathe faster and deeper taking the mind into an altered state. In this altered state we allow ourselves to let go of the story of who we are and to access the innate wisdom of the unconscious mind. 

Harnessing our belief that community, breath, stillness, sound and mindset are all powerful medicines this experience is sacred, designed specifically to supplement your ongoing holistic self-care and self-development routine.

Interested in joining us at Hanya House?

Next experience: 28 July 2022

Guides: Denise Sohandev (Breathwork Specialist, Life-Coach & Yoga Instructor) & Ryan James (Life-Coach)

Time: 17h00 – 20h00

Number of spaces available: 12

Price: R690 per person (including plant-based bowl of deliciousness)

Experience Level: Suitable for all breathers

To reserve your spot, email connect@hanya.house or click here.

Find out more about each session

Session 1 (31 March, 2022 ) In our first session we’ll be discussing our own limiting beliefs using the idea of our “lizard brain” and its many (often not very nice) tunes. Get ready to name your lizard and a learn how to shift your energy and awareness into a more evolved part of your mind.

Session 2 (26 May, 2022) – We’ll be reflecting on gratitude: It’s energy, how it manifests, and how it can guide us on this “Earth School” journey. As usual we’ll share a tool or two, and we’ll dive into some questions that are often asked, like: “What’s the difference between gratitude and toxic positivity?”

Session 3 (28 July, 2022) – We’ll be exploring the idea of the cultural and the essential self. What does your cultural self look like? What does it feel like when you are being guided from your essential self? Are there places where your cultural self is limiting your essential self?